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  1. Peter Reply

    Hi, nice website very thorough and a lot of products.  I was wondering if the iphone 7 is the latest model?  Why do you sell other things when the page is dedicated to the iphone 7?   Where do you click to buy the actual product?  I think that I need to know more about the product before I buy it.  Thanks Peter

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thank you Peter
      In my website there are many advertised products and you are right. The picture automatically directs you to the Amazon site at the origin of the online product. Perhaps it’s best to focus on a single product.
      Iphone 7 is very good, fast and beautiful.

  2. admin Post authorReply

    This is great page With very nice products.
    Here are build links to a specific page from Amazon using the tools.
    This is great!

  3. Jay Reply

    I have been thinking about changing from my iphone 6 to an iphone 7 phone but I have not been able to really research to get what I want. These refurbished phones do look ok but I was wondering if when I get them if they won’t have one issue or the other. Also I would like to know about the battery life. How long is the battery able to last.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thanks Jay
      In my opinion, the iphone 7 model is no better than iphone 6. I like the iphone 7 that it’s fast and beautiful.
      Iphone 7 is a good choice

  4. Chris Reply

    I’ve been looking into getting a iPhone 7 for a few weeks now, but I’m getting slightly confused over which one to go for, and I also see that you’ve got a few examples on offer here as well. 

    In your opinion, which is the best model 7 to go for – when you consider value for money and everything?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thank you for asking for a thought for iphone 7.
      In my opinion, what is the best model 7 mobile phone. I like the iphone 7 that it’s fast and beautiful
      Apple iPhone 7, fully open, 128GB – (Refurbished)
      Thank you Chris

  5. Henry Reply

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